University is an exhilarating time for students and their families. As a parent, you play a key role in making this transition a smooth one, and helping to support your son or daughter’s success once they’re here. As your child experiences university life, the BU Alumni Association is here to offer you information and opportunities to connect with other parents and members of our community from wherever you are around the world. Welcome to the Bishop’s family – embrace the purple!

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A Reputation for Excellence

Maclean’s, Globe & Mail, Huffington Post, the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) and others, all rank Bishop’s University as providing one of the best overall student experiences in Canada and having some of the most satisfied students in North America. That’s the truth! And we can’t help but say that this demonstrates that Bishop’s is a leader in undergraduate education.

For those that do choose Bishop’s it is the best choice they will ever make. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these rankings and see what our students and alumni have to say.

Homecoming: from near and far, we’re all Gaiters!

Homecoming is the perfect time to visit campus! Learn more about what is planned for this year’s edition on our Events & Reunions page.

Giving to Bishop’s changes students’ lives

Every gift to the University creates opportunity for our students to make their Bishop’s experience the most meaningful it can be. Our parents, alumni and friends transform the lives of our students by believing in them and supporting them along their journeys. Gifts to all designations at BU remind students that there is a supportive community, invested in their success throughout their time on campus and beyond. With your help, Bishop’s will continue to offer a top notch undergraduate experience to students for generations to come. Visit our secure online giving page to make a difference today.

Embrace the Purple!

For Bishop’s students and alumni, Purple is so much more than just a colour. It is what drives us to succeed, to be engaged, to become globally and socially aware. It inspires us, it unleashes our creativity and it awakens our resourcefulness. It makes us thirst for knowledge, it invites us to question things and it fuels our desire to innovate. It ignites our spirits, it encourages us to take risks and it dares us to dream. It makes us confident, courageous and proud. It strengthens our community, it develops our character and it teaches us to be supportive and welcoming. It makes us adaptable human beings who want to do more.

Purple is the reason we become leaders who can, and will, make a difference in this world. By preparing us for the future, it helps us be ready to build a better tomorrow, to build a better Purple.

It’s little wonder that you hear our current students talk about Bleeding PurplePurple is a spirit that gets into your blood and flows through your veins, and once it’s in you, you are never the same.

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