Esprit de Corps Award

Esprit de Corps Award

2018 Esprit de Corps Award recipient – David Pearlman ’00

The Alumni Association’s Esprit de Corps award recognizes a graduate who has made a difference, through contribution to Bishop’s, the Alumni Association, a local chapter or the broader community. This award recognizes those who continue to demonstrate the values and lessons learned at Bishop’s related to compassion for others, community spirit, responsible citizenship, fostering life-long learning and friendships.  The 2018 recipient is David Perlman ’00.  David was nominated by Eric Desbiens ’99 and Eric Cormier ’02, Co-Founders of the annual Beyond the Bubble networking event in Montreal.

From Lennoxville to the big city

David Perlman graduated from Bishop’s with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. While a student, he was actively involved in the SEED Portfolio Program, which he says triggered his curiosity in the capital markets sector. From 2002-07 David was at Desjardins in institutional equities; from 2007-12 he worked at TD Securities as a Director, Equities. He is currently at GMP Securities where he is Head of the Montreal Office and Managing Director, Institutional Equities.

Giving back to the next generation

David’s involvement with Beyond the Bubble stems back to its very beginning, when it was called Banker’s Day. He recalls: “Eric Desbiens and Eric Cormier asked me in the first year of the program to be a speaker, back when it was geared towards those specifically interested in banking careers. I was Master of Ceremonies at the second annual event and have been for the last nine years.” Among David’s favorite parts of the event is interacting with the students. “I love to see the energy the students bring with them to the event. It is a learning experience for both students and alumni  ̶  a great exchange, and a way for generations to connect and gather insight.”

Bishop’s lasting impact

When asked how he felt about winning the award, David expressed his sincere gratitude at the honour. “Bishop’s University brought a lot to my life and has helped shape the person I am today. Bishop’s encouraged me to be more extroverted and confident, and provided me with opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. I learned to listen to and respect different points of view. Being able to give back and to develop a lifelong relationship with the University is something that makes me extremely proud.”

Congratulations David on this well-deserved honour!

History of the Jug

Esprit de Corps AwardThe model of the larger jug dates to the mid-1800s. Local potter Lucy Doheny ’80 painted the jug with the Bishop’s logo. She creates the smaller jugs as mementos for recipients of the Esprit de Corps Award. The cherry wood bases are crafted from trees felled on campus during construction of the Champlain College building in the early 1990s.

The name of the award originates from our school song:

College days will linger ever in our hearts,
Wearing gowns, raising hell and quaffing ale!
And we’ll show esprit de corps
As we watch the gaiters roar
On to victory!

List of past winners

Inaugurated in 2011

Tim Belford ’71 (2011)
Stan Groves ’81 (2012)
Eric Cormier ’02 & Eric Desbiens ’99 (2013)
John Piper ’65, Ace Henderson ’65, John Martland ’64, and the late Doug Tees ’65 (2014)
Peter Neal ’89 (2015)