Alumnus/na of the Year Award

Alumnus/na of the Year Award

2018 Alumna of the Year – Jo-Anne Ryan ’83

The Alumnus of the Year Award honours an alumnus or alumna who has made a longstanding commitment and contribution to the University.

The Alumni Association Executive Committee has bestowed this award annually since 1967, it is with great pride that we add another worthy name to the list of distinguished past recipients.

Our newest recipient is Jo-Anne Ryan, a BBA graduate from the class of 1983.

Alumnus of the Year

In his address at Convocation, Mark Lawson ’09, President of the Alumni Association, remarked:

This award honours a graduate who has made an outstanding contribution to our university. It is an award I hope you will all compete for, during your long careers as Bishop’s alumni.

This year, it is an honour to present the award to a graduate who has made an extraordinary impact on our campus, and on your experience here.

Whether as Vice-Chair of the University’s Foundation Board, or as one of the founders of Bishop’s JUMP national mentorship program, Jo-Anne Ryan, who graduated in 1983, has made an extraordinary contribution to the life of our university.

If you found yourself using the state-of-the-art library during your final set of exams, you should thank Jo-Anne Ryan for all the work she did to attract donations to the project, during the University’s recently-concluded Leading the Way fundraising campaign.

When you pass by the student residences after Convocation, pause to look at the improvements being made to those buildings, thanks in part to Jo-Anne’s fundraising efforts.

But Jo-Anne hasn’t been satisfied with simply improving our campus.

As an early leader in Bishop’s mentorship program, Jo-Anne helped to launch a program that paired young graduates with seasoned mentors, to develop their networks and skills. Since its founding in Toronto, the JUMP mentorship network has expanded to assist graduates across the country.

But Jo-Anne doesn’t just lead the program. She participates as a mentor to young Bishop’s graduates. You can ask Robyn Clark, class of 2009. Robyn graduated from Bishop’s with a passion for the non-profit sector. When she was paired with Jo-Anne as a mentor in Toronto, she wondered why she was matched with someone who, as she put it “worked in banking”.

But as with everything she does for Bishop’s, Jo-Anne, who is VP Philanthropic Advisory Services at TD, put in an incredible effort to help Robyn grow her career in Toronto. She connected her with people. She provided advice and guidance. And when Robyn was seeking to continue her studies with graduate school, it was Jo-Anne who helped her realize her dream to complete a masters in non-profit management.

Robyn credits Jo-Anne for believing in her, pushing her, and helping her to grow her skills and network at a time when she was looking for a champion.

That’s why this year’s winner is an example to us all. She embodies the kind of leadership we learn at Bishop’s. The belief that by giving back, and giving of ourselves, we continue to make our community better.”

It’s my pleasure, on behalf of each of you and on behalf of the entire alumni community, to present Jo-Anne Ryan as our Bishop’s University Alumna of the Year.

List of Past Winners

Inaugurated in 1967

1967    Cecil T. Teakle ’26*
1968    George W. Hall ’30*
1969    Fred G.S. Kelley ’48*
1970    C. Terrill Manning ’46*
1971    Robert A. Gordon ’60, DCL ’04
1972    A. Ray Almond ’27*
1973    Alex K. Paterson ’52, DCL ’74
1974    J. Clem Brodeur ’44
1975    Gavin G. Ross ’56*
1976    Bud McMorran ’60, DCL ’04
1977    Douglas R. Cooper ’29*
1978    Glenn Higginbotham ’64
1979    Fred Kaufman ’46, DCL ’76
1980    Dorothy Dutton ’20*
1981    Ab M. Echenberg ’73
1982    David K. Bogert ’63
1983    A. Bruce Stavert ’61
1984    Douglas A. Lloyd ’62*
1985    Tom ’69 and Rob* ’73 Allen
1986    Ronald G. Perowne ’72
1987    Danny R. Lavallee ’79
1988    Conrad H. Harrington ’67, DCL ’98*
1989    William D. Anderson ’77*
1990    Philip E. Johnston ’59
1991    Joan E. Stadelman ’66
1992    Don S. Wells ’55*
1993    David A. Williams ’63, DCL ’96
1994    Christopher I.H. Nicholl DCL ’86*
1995    William I.M. Turner Jr. DCL ’87
1996    Tom Godber ’85
1997    Jim ’57* and Di (Young) ’57 Ferrabee
1998    Richard Tomlinson ’43, DCL ’89
1999    Eric Mills ’72
2000    Norman Webster ’62, DCL ’85
2001    Bill MacDonald ’73
2002    Peter Dunn ’66
2003    Graham Moodie ’69
2004    Ron Kaulbach ’66
2005    Gary Chown ’74
2006    Peter Davidson ’77
2007    Elaine Roper ’78
2008    Rob Allatt ’93
2009    Peter Welsh ’64
2010    Nils Bodtker ’65
2011    Bob Goldberger ’79
2012    Kelly Murumets ’85
2013   George Hendy ’68
2014   Blair Shier ’79
2015   Cathy McLean ’82
2016   Nadia Martel ’90
2017   Tim Griffin ’71